• Removes more than 95% of fluoride and up to 99% of 87+ contaminants, including asbestos, mercury, lead, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • First reverse osmosis system that combines reverse osmosis, remineralization and advanced Claryum selective filtration
  • Water output: 35 gallons per day or 0.5 gallons per minute
  • A remineralization filter used to retains healthy minerals, making water taste fresh
  • NSF certified
  • 100% lead-free material used
  • Comes with everything you need for a RO system, including the faucet, RO tank, filters, and all parts for installation

As a compact under sink RO system, the Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis System can produce 35 gallons of RO water per day. Well, many other factors may influence the result, such the incoming water temperature and pressure. This is the same as other RO systems.

As an only 3-stage system, it seems it is not competitive to other 4-stage, 5-stage, 6-stage, even over 7-stage systems. However, it is not the case. This is because this system combines some features that other RO systems use at least 2 stages to carry out.

This system can remove more than 95% of mercury and fluoride, 97% of chlorine and arsenic and 99% of asbestos, lead and other more than 80 contaminants. This file can help you know what it will remove.

Of course, this system has a remineralization filter in the last stage. It will re-mineralize the RO water by adding some heathy minerals. These minerals can raise the pH of the pure water and make it taste good. The pure RO water tastes a bit acidic, but the re-mineralized water tastes the same as the natural water.

Plus, this product offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any problem.

Filtration System Design

The Aquasana AQ-RO-3 features a manifold design. The membrane and filter housings are attached to the manifold. And the remineralization filter is attached to the side of the filter manifold. Each filter has its own housing and it is easy to twist off when you need to replace a new filter. Plus, it is very compact. If you have not large under sink space, this one could be one of the best solutions.

Water Efficiency

When it comes to RO systems, water is used to flush the RO membrane to clean out impurities. Therefore, every RO system produces waste water. However, different models produce different amount of wasted water. Generally, for most RO systems, each gallon of pure water produced results in 1 to 6 gallons of waste water. The level is influenced by many factors, like water pressure, water temperature, etc. This system doesn’t specify how many gallons of water it will waste for each gallon of RO water. It only said water efficiency is about 17.91%. In other words, the ratio of filtered water to waste water is about 1:5. Of course, it tends to waste more water than other models, but it offers the lowest price. If you need plenty of water for non-drinking use or you are limited on the budget, it is worth trying.

Ease of Installation

If there is a hole already in the sink, the installation is very easy. Or you may need to drill a hole in the sink. You may need to hire a plumber to do the job, if you just don’t have the driller to do the job. Well, don’t worry about, most sinks have such a hole. One more thing should be paid attention is that it requires a hole of 1 1/2 to 1 5/8 inch diameter, which is different from other systems. And this may result in an issue for installation.

If such a hole is not an issue, the installation is pretty easy. Everyone with basic DIY skills can carry out the installation. And there is a very detailed manual to follow step by step. http://cdn.aquasana.com/assets/AQ-RO-3_Install.pdf

Pros & Cons


  • Water output: 36 gallons per day
  • Pure water tastes fresh because of the Remineralization filter that add heathy minerals back
  • Comes with a 3.2 gallon stage tank, a faucet, and everything for installation
  • Longer filter lifespan: Carbon Pre-Filter & Claryum Post-Filter: 6 months, Remineralizer: 12 months, RO Membrane Cartridge: 1 to 3 years
  • 90 day’s satisfaction guarantee and 2-year’s manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Removes more than 95% of fluoride and up to 99% of 87+ contaminants, including asbestos, mercury, lead, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • US based technical support


  • Requires a larger hole in the sink and this needs a driller to drill
  • Waste more water and the ratio of waste water to pure water is 5:1


Well, even if it is a cheap model and comes with basic functions, the rating is also very high and it gets many positive reviews. If you need a filter to remove fluoride, this one is one of the best choices. It is very cheap, so if budget is a concern, it is worth trying. Plus, under such a low cost, it also comes with a remineralization filter to improve the water taste. Plus, the manifold design, ease of the installation, mainstream lifespan of filters and cheap price make it also a good choice. Of course, if you need a high quality or high-end models, you can choose a Home Master Model, but you need to pay much more.

Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis System (AQ-RO-3) Review

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