A water jug allows you to bring clean water anywhere. It may be work, a long trip, or camping, a water jug is a good thing to bring with you. It can also be used to bring water supplies during emergencies, such as disasters or when your house is being repaired. But these are mainly big and heavy water jugs that store up to six gallons of water. This made it necessary to create something small to easily fill up a small cup. A water jug dispenser allows you to transfer water from two to six gallons into a small cup. They made life easier for people who are always on the go. These devices have also evolved into different variants. The variants include manual models and models with batteries. There are even wireless models that are charged through a power adapter or USB cable.

A dispenser is both easy to use and eco-friendly since they are made of BPA-free materials. The design protects water from any bacterial contamination. These devices should also be cleaned using a brush to ensure you get to clean its interior. The pumps should also be stable. They should also be made of durable materials so they will last long. You should also know the dimension of the product since some dispenser may not be compatible with some water bottles. There are models that are suitable for many types of water bottles, including two to six gallons, screw-top, and crown-top. Some have tubes or adaptors at different sizes, like the TeraPump models.

There are numerous brands available in the market. These brands include Bluewave Lifestyle, Original Dolphin, New Wave, For Your Water, and Flexzion. They also come with different mechanisms, including manual models, battery-operated models, and wireless auto-electric models.

This article will show the five best dispensers in the market. It also provides information about the design, the materials used to make them, and the mechanism the pump uses.

Best Water Jug Dispensers

If you don’t want to buy a water cooler dispenser, a water jug dispenser is also a good choice. And we have made this list of the best water jug dispensers on the markert.

TeraPump TRPMW200 Universal Manual Drinking Water Pump

The TeraPump TRPMW200 Universal Manual Drinking Water Pump is among the most popular in the market. The TRPMW200 is manufactured by TeraPump. It has a height of 5.5 inches, a width of 4.5 inches, and a length of 5.5 inches. It also weighs 1.35 pounds. The device only comes in blue color.

It is easy to use and is compatible with any type of water bottle, including the crown-top and screw-top. The pump is also compatible with water jugs of different sizes, include two and six-gallon jugs. Due to this, you will get three types of dispensers when you buy a package. These dispensers include the small dispenser for two to three-gallon water bottles, medium dispenser for three-gallon water bottles, and large dispenser for five to six-gallon water bottles.

But, you should remember that this dispenser is not suitable for glass bottles, such as the five-gallon bottles of Culligan and the Primo water bottles. It also features an adjustable bendable tube system. The system ensures the pump can be used on any water bottle size. It can completely siphon the water to avoid wasting water.

The sanitary cap makes sure the water remains clean. It is connected to the discharge spout and closes the spout after the water bottle is used. This keeps bacteria away. In addition, its fastener design kills any bacteria that enters the device and contaminate the water. You can clean the discharge spout and intake tube using a brush. Detergent can be used in the exterior of the device.

The package does not include batteries since the device does not need them. A vacuum controls the water being dispensed. Due to this, the pressure you put on the pump determines the speed of water coming out. It is made of materials that have no bisohenol-A and phthalates, which makes it eco-friendly. Its materials are made of non-toxic materials.

Water Bottle Pump – The Original Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump

The Water Bottle Pump – The Original Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump is 6 inches wide, 10.5 inches long, and 5.5 inches tall. It has a weight of two pounds. This device is only available in one color and design.

The model is limited in terms of usage since it is not adjustable. This makes it unsuitable for some water bottles. It can only be used on five to six- gallon water bottles. The dispenser is designed for bottles with a 52 to 55-inch crown top. It cannot be used on bottles with a 48-mm screw top. While it is easy to use, it is not quite practical since other models are more compatible with other water bottles.

But, the pump features a flexible adaptor that makes it suitable for many types of water bottles. Some users have said it can also fit in a three-gallon water bottle even if this is not indicated on the description of the product. But it is not advisable to buy this product for a three-gallon water bottle.

This pump has a manual mechanism and does not use any batteries, which does not come with the package. The speed of water coming out is controlled by a vacuum. You can adjust the speed according to the pressure you put on the pump. Due to this, it is energy efficient since it does not need electricity or batteries.

Since it does not have a sanitary cap, it does not offer much protection to the water against bacterial contamination. But, all the interior components are designed not to come out. It is also eco-friendly since it is made of BPA-free materials. Its components are made of plastic free of bisphenol-A and phthalates.

PrimeTrendz Electric Battery-Operated Home 5 Gallon Jug Drinking Bottled Water Pump

The PrimeTrendz Electric Battery-Operated Home 5 Gallon Jug Drinking Bottled Water Pump is not an ordinary water jug dispenser. It is battery-operated. Two D size batteries are needed to operate the PT-ELE-5GWP model. This electric-powered water jug pump dispenses water through and on/off switch. While it is easy and simple to use, it may not last long. This particular model only lasts ten months if you drink five gallons of water every week. It can dispense a total of 260 gallons. The pump is 28.9 inches long and has a height and width of 3.2 inches. It also weighs 367 grams.

The pump can also be used on other liquids aside from water. These other liquids include alcoholic drinks and sports drinks. It can also be used in different water bottle size. This makes the dispenser practical. Compared to the first two water jug dispensers, users have said this pump does not go down to the bottom of the water bottle. This makes it challenging to completely empty the water bottle.

It is made of high-quality PC plastic. This prevents the pump from dripping and allows it to last long. Similar to the first two models, the materials used for this pump are BPA-free. This makes it eco-friendly as well.

It comes with an integrated sanitary cap to ensure hygiene. You can close the cup on its discharge spout after you use the dispenser. The materials of the dispenser also keep the interior free of any bacterial contamination. This makes the water healthy and clean. It comes in two color options, blue and while. The package comes with a user manual, a battery-operated water pump, and a sanitary cap.

Flexzion Water Bottle Dispenser for 5/6 Gallon Jugs

The Flexzion Water Bottle Dispenser for 5/6 Gallon Jugs is practical since it can be used on any water jug. It can also be easily installed. You can rotate the model 360°. This allows the outer part of the dispenser to be extended and rotated.

The dispenser is 11 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches tall. It also has a weight of 1.1 lbs. An integrated bendable 25-inch long tube is placed inside the water bottle. This ensures it can take out all of the water from the bottle.

It uses ABC plastic for its exterior and silicon for the inside tube. The design allows the product to last a long time. It is also stable on a water bottle to prevent dripping. The silicon tube of the dispenser ensures the water is clean of any chemical or bacterial contamination. But it is still advisable to wash the discharge spout and inner tube with detergent regularly. It is compatible with most water bottles. But it is most suitable for five to six-gallon water bottles, both the crown-top and the screw-top.

This is an electric water jug dispenser. It can be turned on when it is plugged into a power socket. It has a voltage of 110 volts and a rated voltage of 12 volts. The power rating of the device is 5 watts and it has a 50 Hz frequency. You will get an electric pump dispenser and power adapter in the package. The adaptor cable is 59 inches long.

Morhua Wireless Auto Electric Gallon Bottled Drinking Water Pump Dispenser Switch

The Morhua Water Jug Dispenser is powered by electricity but does not need any batteries. You can use a 32-inch USB cable to charge it. The output voltage of the charger is 5 volts. Its output current is 1500 mA. It has a length and width of 7.8 inches. The dispenser is also 2.9 inches tall and weighs 434 grams.

It comes in three color options: black, white, and blue. The shell of the dispenser is made of ABC plastic. This means it is durable and can last a long time.

It is also a practical option since it does not require battery replacement every few months. The device is rechargeable using a USB cable. In addition, it also uses a wireless electric suction service with a power plug. You can turn it on using this and fill up your cup while you do something else.

Its discharge spout can rotate for 360°. This dispenser has a silicon tube that is resistant to both low and high temperatures. It is also non-toxic. It is a dispenser with a stable design and ensures the water is protected from any chemical or bacterial contamination. The dispenser will also not drip.

But this dispenser does not have a sanitary cap. A cap would ensure the dispenser is safe. Due to this, you should clean the discharge spout and inside tubes with detergent regularly. It can be used on all water jug sizes. The package comes with a wireless electric suction device and USB cable.

Best Water Jug Dispensers Reviews And Buying Guide

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