Most refrigerators use a small plumbing line to feed the cold water dispenser and ice maker. In order to keep the ice and cold water tasting good and pure, a refrigerator water filter is used to filter the water first. Such a refrigerator is replaceable. Similar to other types of water filter, it is recommended to change it every 6 months. Of course, the specific time depends on how much water or ice you have used from the water plumbing line. Once you find there is an obvious decrease on the water quality (bad taste or smell), it is time to change it.

Water Filter Facts

Well, it is not difficult to change a refrigerator filter. Actually, it is so easy to do it. Most refrigerators allows you to unscrew its filter directly and you don’t need to find its shutoff valve that is not existed visibly. Once you unscrew the old filters, the water supply will be shut off automatically. This design is friendly. You don’t need to worry about any mess in your kitchen.

On the market, there are many refrigerator filters from different brands. However, before buying one, you need to brand and precise model of your current refrigerator. Or the one you buy may be not compatible with your refrigerator. It is very easy to find the right one at local home improvement or hardware stores. Of course, you can buy it online and there are more options. You can buy several in packs of two or three filters, which can help saving some money for you. Highly recommend to buy them online. This is because you can always find the right one with ease.

When it comes to refrigerator water filters, there are mainly 2 types: twist-on water filters and push-in water filters. There are some differences between them.

How to Change Twist-On Filters

Twist-on filters can be found in several places, including:

  • Inside the refrigerator near the bottom
  • In the front (behind the bottom grill mostly)
  • In the upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment

How to change?

  • 1. Turn it 1/4 turn counterclockwise
  • 2. Pull it out of its housing
  • 3. Place the cover from the old one onto the new one
  • 4. Push the nee one into the housing
  • 5. Turn the new one 1/4 clockwise until it is locked into its position

How to Change Push-In Filters

Push-in refrigerator filters can be located in several places, including:

  • In the top of the compartment toward the back
  • Inside the drawers
  • Behind the bottom grill in the front of the refrigerator

How to change

  • 1. There is commonly a button and just push it to unlock the filter
  • 2. Pull the old one of its housing
  • 3. If there is not a button, you can release its spring latching holding it in place by just pushing the water filter
  • 4. Place the cap from the old one onto the new one
  • 5. Insert the new water filter into its housing
  • 6. Push it until it is locked into its positon

How to Flush the New Filter

Generally, refrigerator water filters are basic activated carbon water filters which contain activated black carbon granules. After replacing a new one, it is recommended to flush the new water filter first. It is easy to do that. After replacing, turn on the dispenser to allow water to flow through. And you will find some black carbon is flushed out. You can keep the water running for several minutes until there is no black carbon found any more. Discard the water with black specks, of course, even if it is not harmful.

How to Change a Refrigerator Water Filter

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