If you are looking for a compact water softener for living on a boat or camping in a RV, you can consider this the best water softener: On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable Water Softener. It is much smaller, compared to our best water softeners list. It is designed for portability, making it perfect for a RV or a boat. With this model, you can get almost twice as many gallons of soft water as other standard softeners on the market.

Main Features

How does it work

To save money, you can use table salt instead of premium salt for the water softener. Its Ion Exchange allows it to take out around 16,000 grains of hard water particles in the water. Removing this volume of particles only requires two boxes of salt. It also takes only half an hour for regeneration to take place. This can produce 1,600 gallons of water. This volume can last forty days for small or medium-sized families. The process also offers a high rate of water flow minimal effects on water pressure. This softener does not require electricity to work.

Practical Design

The water softener was designed to use less space. It is suitable for limited spaces. The water softener has a height of 22 inches and a width of 9.5 inches. It only weighs 32 lbs.

The On-The-Go RV Water Softener features a high-quality resin and suitable opening to facilitate the pouring of salt into the appliance. The connection point to its inlet hose features a 360-degree swivel design. This makes it easy to set up the water softener. The water softener also has a standard garden hose design. This makes it easy to connect it to a park or RV faucet and a marina o boat spigot.

It also has a handle right on the top to make it easy to move around. You can bring it around and use it just about anywhere. It is also possible for you to cap and plug this water softener to prevent leaks. The water softener also features a stable base for its tank.


Installing the On-The-Go RV Water Softener is easy. It does not require any tools when installing it.

The water softener has a back-flush adaptor if it is necessary to reverse its connection. It also has an inlet hose adapter and an outlet hose adapter. The water softener also comes with a four-foot high-pressure drinking hose.

Its inlet high-slow shut-off valve can slow down the rinsing of water. This ensures high-quality water and a higher capacity for this water softener.

Water Quality

This water softener offers the same result as a whole house water softener model. It also deals with scale buildup. The unit can also deal with rust in hard water. It also reduces any wear and tear among appliances involved in the flow of water. The unit also makes soap full of suds. It also allows your skin to retain any of your body oils. In addition, it makes water smell and taste better. The On-The-Go RV Water Softener also comes with a water hardness test strip to allow you to check soft water quality.

Pros & Cons


  • The unit features a lightweight and compact design
  • It offers easy and fast regeneration
  • The unit is ideal for recreational use and for travelers


  • Since it has a plastic shut-off valve, it is not quite durable. Due to this, leaks may happen in the future. But, this can be remedied by replacing it with brass


  • Question: Does the company offer high-quality products?
  • Answer: On-The-Go offers high-quality products. It is a leader in the RV water softener industry. The company was established by Bruce Everson and his partners in 2004. He used his 15-year water softening experience in helping him establish the company. The main product of the company is its portable water softener model.


The RV Water Softener of On-The-Go is ideal for road trips on an RV. It allows you to protect the plumbing fixtures of your RV from hard water. These fixtures include the water heater, sinks, and toilet. The unit also allows water to become sudsy even if the RV Park only offers hard water. This is how a water softener functions.

On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable Water Softener Review

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