Overall Performance


  • Help you access clean water easily
  • Easy installation
  • An LED indicator can make you know when to change its filter
  • Reduces more than 70 pollutants, including 99% of lead,
  • A famous and long history brand

The PUR FM-3700B Advanced Faucet Water Filter can be installed with one click. This filter comes with three adaptors to make it fit in different sizes of faucets. But, the system is not compatible to some faucets, like pull-out handle models. You can either screw the filter into a faucet or use the adapter to snap it on.

This water filter has a 100-gallon capacity. It means it can last around two to three months before it needs to be replaced. This filter uses a three-stage filtration process to produce a crystal clear supply of water. It can take out 61 types of contaminants.

The PUR brand of water filters can clean drinking water by lowering the level of odors and chlorine. This also allows it to enhance the taste of water. You can install the filter within four minutes. It is installed in a similar method as other models of the brand. Users also have the option of using unfiltered or filtered water using its built-in knob. It has a nice design and is available in a chrome finish. This best faucet water filter also comes with a clear cover. It also received a certification from the NSF. The filter comes with a warranty for one year.

Durable and Innovative Design

This filter comes with an innovative design, making it so simple and reliable to use. Due to its design, it is so simple to install it. Just with a single installation, you can get clean and fresh filtered water to drink and cook. Its 360-degree swivel can fit very well in every sink. And its design is very beautiful, which can fit your décor in the kitchen.

More and more people choose it as their faucet filters, due to its design, effectiveness, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. It is really great for kitchen and home use.

Digital Sensor Monitor

This one comes with a LED indicator which can help you know its status. In other words, it can help to monitor the water quality. Once the filter doesn’t work efficient and requires a replacement, the indicator will tell you on time. Therefore, this feature can always make you get clean and fresh water. Other cheap models don’t offer this feature, so you need to guess or judge when to change its replacement cartridges. If you have this one, you don’t need to do that.

A 3-Stage Filter

This filter is not a 1-stage water filter, and it is a 3-stage water filter, making it outstanding, compared to other faucet filters. This also means it is more efficient and reliable, when it comes to removing or reducing contaminants in water. More stages mean more abilities.


Question: How many filters does it come with?

Answer: It offers 1 filter in 1 box.

Question: Does it fit all faucets?

Answer: It fits standard faucets. However, if you find it is easy to fall off the connector, you may need to call PUR for help. A metal adapter may need.

Question: What’s the filtering Difference between the horizontal and vertical styles?

Answer: Well, there is no difference. Both work well.

Pros & Cons


  • A faucet water filter offers more convenience compared to a water pitcher filter
  • These filters feature a valve giving users the option of using unfiltered or filtered water
  • They are easy to install and do not normally require any tools. You can simply connect them to the faucet.
  • These filters give you clean water faster compared to a water pitcher filter
  • The water they produce taste better with lesser smell
  • They do not make much water waste.


  • Water faucet filters need to be replaced more frequently compared to other filters. While they have to be replaced every three months, the replacements are generally affordable.
  • Some models have a slower water flow rate.
  •  It is important to review the features of the filter before you buy it to ensure you find one that is suitable to your needs.


If you think the FM-15A or FM-25A is a little simple and want to have an advanced faucet water filter, you can try this one. And it comes with all features that a high-end faucet filter should have. Its ability will not make you down.

PUR FM-3700B Advanced Faucet Water Filter Review

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