Distilled water is regarded as the cleanest water in the world and it is ideal for cooking and drinking. The tap water we use every day contains many other things that we cannot see, like bacteria, viruses, unhealthy chemicals or minerals. However, distilled water doesn’t contain these matters. Therefore, it is really a healthier choice for drinking and cooking. Well, how to get distilled water? You can buy bottled distilled water, but it is highly recommended to make distilled water at home. That’s why you need a high quality water distiller which can turn your tap water or well water into clean distilled water, helping you easily accessing to pure water at home. Such a home water distiller is easy to use and maintain and can last for a very long time. Compared with buying bottled water, making distilled water at home can save you a lot of money in the long run, even if you need to spend a bit more money on investing in such a high quality distiller.

In this guide, we will help you easily choose the best water distiller, based on prices, ratings, technical specifications, and hundreds of real users’ reviews. We have made this list of top 10 best water distillers on the market and you can choose one of them according to your budget, countertop space limitation and your preference on style, capacity and other factors.

Top 10 Best Water Distiller Reviews

We offer a comparison table below to help you have a quick view of each home water distiller.If you need to know more, you can check their detailed full product reviews in the following. We also offer a detailed water distiller buying guide to help you know what key features are for a distiller and how it works. And this can help you make a wise select or decision finally. At last, we also list our choice for reference, which can help those people who are Choisters.

Comparison table

Nutriteam’s Megahome Countertop Water Distiller, White, Glass Collection


  • 304 stainless steel boil chamber
  • Glass nozzle insert
  • 1-year warranty

As one of the most popular distillers on the market, it seems a little pricy. However, its capacity, purity, and overall performance makes it worth buying. It is UL listed, which means its safety like other home appliances. Therefore, you can trust its safety and have enough reasons to buy one. And we will discuss other aspects below.

Its boiler is made of fully food-grade 304 stainless steel, making water not touch any plastic. And its nozzle insert and water container are also made of glass. Therefore, when distilling, water doesn’t touch any plastic parts, which is effective to prevent plastic pollution. This means you will get the cleanest water. Normally, each distillation cycle needs 5-6 hours, which are not as fast as other models. However, just remember it is designed for purity. Fast distillation may need more power and can cause some problems. For example, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can be condensed together with the water steam, if the distillation is very fast. Of course, it also offers activated charcoal sachets to further remove VOCs in purified water.

Its boiler can hold up to 4 liter water, not too big or too small. For most families, the capacity is enough. If your family consumes much more distilled water every day, this will be a limitation. And you need to refill it on a regular basis. And due to its compact design, the distiller itself doesn’t take up much countertop space in your kitchen.


  • 304 stainless steel boiler, glass nozzle insert, and glass water collector
  • Water cannot touches any plastic during the whole distillation
  • Slow distilling helps reduce removing VOCs


  • A little pricy
  • After one cycle, manual water refilling is needed.

Best-In-Class Water Distiller


  • EXCLUSIVE Activated Carbon Pods Included for further water polishing
  • Superb dependability
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • 100% Stainless steel chamber, dome, sides and bottom
  • Optimal size 565 Watt heating element reduces VOCs
  • A glass carafe, and a porcelain nozzle insert

This countertop water distiller is able to offer you high quality clean water. Its interior is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and it also comes with a glass nozzle insert, which means water will never touch plastic during the whole distillation. What’s more, it also comes with activated carbon filter which are used to remove the VOCs in the source water. And this distiller is designed to distill slowly, which can reduce the chance of bringing VOCs together with the steam. Although it features a post carbon filter, this design can reduce the VOCs early. Finally, after the purified is polished by the post filter, the glass carafe is used to hold water. And this also means water never touches any plastic parts.

In a cycle, this distiller can distill 4 liters in 6 hours and this also means it can offer you about 16 liters of purified water per day, if you keep it running all the day. However, if you need more water, you need to refill water every 6 hours. And you may even need to do that at night. If you need more than 8 liters of water per day, this one is not a good choice. However, for most families, the amount of water it offers is enough.

This distiller is a little pricey too. Besides the initial purchase cost, you need to replace its carbon filters every 7 months and this will cost you more. However, all its design can help you easily get pure water and it is worth it even if it is a little pricey. Plus, it boils slowly due to its smaller heating unit, which also means it consumes less energy than other models. And this also can help save some money for you on your electricity bill in the future. Based on its ratings and customer reviews, it deserves to buy.


  • Offer extremely pure distilled water because of its slowing boiling and post water filter
  • Never touches plastic


  • Need manually refill water after one cycle
  • A little pricey

ROVSUN 4L Countertop Water Distiller Machine


  • Distillation Speed: 1L per hour
  • Auto-off
  • Fully 304 stainless steel interior
  • Glass nozzle insert
  • 4L Shockproof Glass Container
  • 3 Activated charcoal sachets
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

This model has many safety features and it is perfect for home use. Similar to other models, this distiller can make 4 liters distilled water in one cycle, but one cycle only needs 4 hours, shorter than most other distillers. This means you can use this one to get more than 20 liters of distilled water per day at most. Of course, after one cycle, you need to refill water manually. At least, you can use it to get 16 liters of water. For most families, it is enough. You can use distilled water for drinking and cooking.

Of course, the food-grade 304 stainless steel interior means safety distilling, because water will not touch plastic. Plus, It comes with a glass nozzle insert and a glass carafe, ensuring water not touches any plastic. In order to remove the VOCs together with steam, it also has activated charcoal sachets, which can further improve both the purity and taste of the result water.

Another great safety feature it has is its temperature safety switch. Once it is over heated and the temperature is over 300ºF, it will switch off automatically. This design is so great and makes your home much safer. And you don’t need to monitor it during the distillation process. The one thing you need to do is to fill it with water, turn on it and leave away. When you come back, you will find the distilled water is available and everything is safe.


  • Stainless steel boiler, glass nozzle insert
  • Automatically switch off to prevent overheating


  • The replacement of Activated charcoal sachets cost some money every a few months.

Mophorn Pure Water Distiller 4L Countertop Water Distiller


  • Distillation Capacity: up to 6 gallons per day
  • Build-in thermostat used to prevent overheating and ensure auto-off
  • Easy to use
  • 304 stainless steel interior
  • 4L BPA-free plastic container

If you are looking for a cheap distiller, this one is the best choice. It is not expensive. Its design is similar to other countertop models and other features are also similar. The boiler is made of 304 stainless steel and it can distill 4 liters at a time. Due to its cheap price, it doesn’t come with a glass insert. In fact, there is not a nozzle. And any carbon filter is used to polish water further more. And it only offers a plastic carafe. If you need this one, it is highly recommended to replace this plastic carafe with a glass carafe. Of course, you need to buy a glass carafe separately.

Even if it is a cheap model, it also comes with a temperature safety switch. This design can help prevent overheating. This also means you don’t need to monitor it on a regular basis but just leave away after turning it on. You can use this one to make 24 liters of distilled water per day at the most. However, it is easy to get 16 liters. Another obvious disadvantage is its noise. During the distillation process, it is a little loud.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Temperature safety switch


  • Lack a glass nozzle insert
  • A little loud during the distillation process
  • Only comes with a plastic carafe

Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier (Water Wise) Distill


  • Capacity: up to 6 gallons per day
  • 304 stainless steel boiler
  • Electronic display
  • Programmable
  • 1-year limited warranty

The obvious feature of this machine is its electronic display which most other models don’t have. This Waterwise distiller is a great choice for people who pursue more possibilities. For example, this distiller comes with a built-in time, which allows you to set it on. If you need fresh distilled water when you wake up in the morning, you can set it to turn on at mid-night. With the display, all the operation becomes easy. And the display can also tell you when you need to change its water filter, making you will not forget to change its filter when it is needed.

Similar to others, on each cycle, it can make 4 liters of water. And dissimilar others, it features an odd design, which will take up a bit more countertop space than others. And a few people complain that it is a little difficult to clean.

Similar to other mainstream distillers, its boiler is made of stainless steel. However, it comes with a plastic carafe. For some picky people, this design is not acceptable, because they think water may touch plastic. Well, it is not a big problem, becasue the plastic container is totally BPA-free. And its slim design means you can put it directly in your refrigerator. Plus, it is not easy to be broken compared with glass. Of course, carbon filter is also used to further polish water by removing VOCs in the result water, improve the water quality and taste.


  • Programmable
  • A display included
  • Carbon Filters
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Electronic display for timed start


  • Much pricier than others
  • Plastic carafe
  • Take up a little more countertop space

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller


  • Designed and Made in USA
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Stainless steel construction

For people who need a water distiller that can offer a large amount of water in a shorter time, this one is a good choice. This one features a compact design, making it much more competitive than other industrial automatic water distiller. One cycle of this one needs about 3.5 hours, much faster than most other home water distillers. And this doesn’t mean it will result in more VOCs in water. It is able to vent VOCs much more quickly before water condensation.

The boil chamber is totally 304 stainless steel, so the exterior is. Some people speak highly of its completely stainless steel construction, ensuring water never come in contact with plastic. However, plastic exterior is not a problem. A regular glass carafe is included to hold water.

However, this one is very expensive. This means you will pay more to get this fully stainless steel distiller. If the budget is not big problem, it deserves to have. Such a high quality distiller will serve you for a long time. Considering the long time use in the long run, the price is not a big problem.


  • Fully stainless steel
  • Fast distillation speed
  • Compact design.


  • More Pricey

CO-Z FDA Approved Water Distiller, Distilling Pure Water Machine for Home Countertop Table Desktop


  • 50Hz 750W heating element offers a suitable distillation speed, effectively removing VOCs,
  • Distillation Capacity: up to 6 gallons per day
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Auto-off feature
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

For people who are on a budget but want to have a distiller that can produce more purified water per day, this one is a good choice. This machine can make 6 gallons of distilled water if it works all day long. However, on each cycle, it only offers 4 liter of water due to its 4-liter stainless steel boiler. Therefore, in order to get the maximum outputting, you need to refill it every a few hours. At least, it helps to get about 4 gallons of water with ease. Even compared with other high-end models, its capacity per day is favorable.

In order to prevent overheating, it also comes with a safety switch that can monitor the temperature. Once the temperature is over 300ºF, this internal switch will shut down the distiller automatically, making it safe for home use. And this also means you don’t need to watch it on a regular basis. Once it is turned on, it will finish its job with any monitoring. And you can do other jobs without distractions.

Its boiler is made of stainless steel, but it only offers a plastic carafe due to its cheap price. And it also has a carbon post filter to further remove VOCs in the water. However, if the water quality in your region is not too bad, this doesn’t matter. You can do some testing or just look for some water quality report to find whether VOCs in water are a big problem in your region.


  • Very Fast Distillation
  • Inexpensive – budget-friendly
  • Up to 6 gallons per day
  • Automatically shut off


  • Lack post water filters
  • Plastic carafe

Nutristeam’s TC-500 Distiller


  • An Automatic water distiller
  • Capacity: 5 gallons per day
  • Include a 4-gallon storage tank
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 1-year warranty

If you are bored at refilling water manually, you can choose this one. This machine is different from others manually models. It allows you to connect it to a water line, which means you don’t need to refill water any more. Once you turn it on, it will work for you automatically with any refilling. And a 4-gallon tank is used to hold the distilled water.

Don’t expect the high distillation speed. Similar to other models, the speed is no difference. This means if you don’t want VOCs to evaporate significantly together with water, keeping a slowing evaporation speed is a wise decision. The main advantage of this machine is its large storage capacity, as well as its automatic cycling, which means you can easily access large amount of fresh water whenever you need it. Therefore, if you have a large family and consume much more water per day, this one is ideal. And you can also can choose it for industrial use.

Every coin has two sides. Due to its automatic cycle and large amount capacity design, it will consume more energy. Therefore, for small families, this one is not economical. Before making a buying decision, you need to make an assessment.


  • A large water tank
  • Offer a large amount water per day
  • No need to refill water manually


  • Expensive
  • Not compact, take up much space
  • Consume more energy

Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller


  • Capacity per day: up to 5 gallons
  • No assembly required
  • Compact Design
  • 1 Carbon post filter cup
  • Polycarbonate dispenser bottle

Another Waterwise water distiller we highly recommend is this waterwise 9000. It is different from the 8800 model and it comes with a very compact design, making it not take up much space on the counter. With this distiller, you can keep virus, bacteria, heavy metal, chemicals and other contaminants out of your water. It uses a carbon post filter to further remove VOCs in the result water, improving its health and taste. Not like other distillers, it is an all-in-one design.

Although its dispenser bottle is not glass, it is BPA-free. And it has a handle, making it easy to pour. Or, you can easily fetch it out and store it in your refrigerator. And it is not so easy to be broken.

And for people who like traveling abroad but feel worried about the water quality, this one is also a good choice. You can take it where you will go. Although it is a bit pricey in contrast to other manual models, its portability and all-in-one design specify all.


  • All-in-one design
  • 1 Carbon post filter cup
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Portability


  • A bit pricey
  • Not glass dispenser bottle

SteamPure Countertop Water Distiller


  • One cycle: 4 hours
  • Capacity per cycle: 3.3 liters
  • A carbon filter and a glass jar
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 304 stainless steel interior
  • Manual drain to remove residues left
  • 3-year Limited Warranty

This distiller is not very compact design. Its appearance makes it not suitable to place it on the counter. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put it under your counter or sink in the kitchen. It is able to distill about 0.9 gallon of water in 4 hours.

It is built of stainless steel, so it is very durable. Due to its heavy-duty feature, you also can use it in a RV, or camper, helping you easily get access to clean water all the time. A glass jar is used to hold water. And it also has a carbon filter to get rid of VOCs further more. Similar to Waterwise 8800, this one also allows you to program it when you need. This one is designed and made in the USA. Therefore, you can rely on its quality.


  • Stainless steel interior
  • Include a glass jar and a carbon filter
  • Designed and Made in the USA
  • Ease of use, cleaning and maintenance
  • Programmable


  • Not compact
  • Take up much space

What is a water distiller?

A water distiller is an equipment that heat water to boil and finally separates contaminants from pure water. These contaminants include chemicals, bacteria, minerals, heavy metals, etc. A distiller has a boiling chamber and under the boiling chamber there is a heating element. Water in the boiling chamber is heated to boil. And then, liquid water starts to vaporize and becomes steam. Steam rises, while other contaminants cannot vaporize in such a temperature and are left in the chamber. This process separates the pure water from contaminants. Steam will be led to another container. Before entering the collection bottle, steam will be condensed and becomes liquid status again. Therefore, this process is called distillation. And such a distiller is a place where water distillation happens quickly because of extra heating.

In fact, distillation happens anytime and anywhere. For example, rain is the result of surface water distillation.

Water Distiller Buyers Guide

 Which Water Distiller Is Best?

Before making a decision on buying a countertop distiller, you really need to know these important features. These features may influence your choices. Here, we have listed them:

No Plastic

When distilling, the temperature is very high. Therefore, some types of plastic may release chemicals in hot temperatures and this can pollute the distilled water again. In order to separate plastic from water, top quality distillers not allow plastic to touch water during the whole distillation process. Stainless steel is much more stable than plastic and can be used to build the boil chamber of a distiller.

Carbon filter

Many cheap models may not contain carbon filters. However, carbon filters are necessary. Distillation process cannot remove all the impurities in the water. For example, VOCs are removed mostly by a relatively slow heating, but they may be present in the distilled water. And carbon filters are used to polish water again and they can absorb VOCs. If you only need relatively pure water for medical use or fish aquariums, carbon filters are not necessary. If you use distilled for drinking and cooking, they are necessary.

Capacity per Day (flow rate)

Distillation is very slow and cannot be speeded up. And this feature becomes important. Generally, a distiller can provide 4 to 6 gallons of water. Therefore, when you buy one, you need to know the volume of distilled water your family consumes per day. And if one person drinks 1 gallon water, an average model is ideal for a family of 4 members.

Capacity per Cycle (Holding Capacity)

Generally, an average home water distiller offers about 1 gallon per 4 to 6 hours. Most home distiller use a 1-gallon container to hold water. If you need more water at a time, you need to pay much to get a higher capacity distiller.

Automatic or manual water distiller

Most home water distillers produce about 1 gallon of water in 4 to 6 hours. After that, you need to refill it manually. If you need it to work continuously, manually refilling is a waste of time and energy. And in this situation, you need an automatic distiller that is connected to a water pipe line. An automatic water distiller will refill water automatically once a cycle is completed. However, an automatic distiller may cost much more.

Plastic or glass Container

Well, it is not recommended to use a plastic container to collect the condensed water. Many cheap models only offer plastic containers. If you are on a budget and choose a cheap one, at least the plastic container should be BPA-free. Or, you can purchase a glass jar instead of it.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Check customer reviews and ratings can help you know other people’s using experience. Even if you never use a distiller, this can give you more information. Just avoid low models with low ratings.

The Benefits Of Drinking Distilled Water

There are many obvious benefits of drinking distilled water instead of drinking tap water or well water.

  • Distilled water doesn’t contain chlorine – If you dislike the smell of chlorine in the tap water, you can choose distilled water. As a cheap disinfectant, chlorine is used to treat municipal water supplies. However, after that, it still stays in our tap water. Besides its bad smell, it may also result in some several illness. And distillation is really a good way to get rid of it.
  • Distilled water doesn’t contain Nitrates or Nitrites. – Nitrates and/or Nitrites are also widely in our drinking water (both tap water and well water). These chemicals are also harmful to our health, especially to children and old people. And our body is difficult to deal with them. When the accumulation happens, some studies have shown that large quantities can result in potentially lethal accidents. Therefore, we have enough reasons to avoid drinking them.
  • Distilled water doesn’t contain Barium. – As a harmful chemical, Barium in the municipal water supply may cause heart problems. And it is also related to a high blood pressure.
  • No copper – Copper is widely found in both well water and tap water. And it is also not a good mineral to our health. It is known that Alzheimer’s has a relationship with the ingestion of copper for a long time.
  • Contains fewer Microorganisms – In the distillation process, water will be heated to its boiling point and this can help kill these microorganisms in our water. Plus, steam will not carry microorganisms. Therefore, distilled water contains fewer microorganisms which may come from unclean container.
  • Purest water in the world – It is considered as the purest water in the world. Due to its purity, it is widely used in many fields, like the food process, medicinal, industrial, laboratory, and perfumery industries.
  • Effects of Detoxification – Due to its purity, it can help flush some dangerous toxins out of our body. Drinking distilled water can help to achieve this goal. And you need to supplement minerals.
  • Cheap healthy water – Compared to buying bottled water, drinking distilled water is economical. And this also can help reduce your carbon footprint. Most bottled water uses plastic bottles, which is harmful to our environment.

Common Myths About Distilled Water Consumption

When it comes to consuming distilled water, there are many myths. While some of them are true, some of them are false. You may hear some of them and believe them.

  • Drinking distilled water is not good for your mineral intake. – Generally, we confirm this is true. However, this doesn’t mean it is very serious. Only 15% of our mineral intake comes from the water we drink, and other 85% comes from the food we eat. Therefore, even if we drink distilled water and cannot get the 15% of minerals from distilled water, we can get enough mineral intake from the food we consume.
  • Using distilled water to cook can result in the mineral loss from the meal. – Well, this is definitely untrue. No matter which type of water you use to cook, the nutrient value of the food cannot be avoided. Therefore, using distilled water or normal water is no difference and you will get the same nutritional value from the meal. Well, if you try to avoid lowering the nutrient value, a good way is to choose another way of cooking. You should avoid boiling, frying and baking, and use a food steamer to cook food.
  • Drinking distilled water is unhealthy for your teeth. – Well, this one is also bullshit. No matter how long you have consumed distilled water, it won’t drain the fluoride in your teeth. Of course, distilled water doesn’t contain fluoride, but most types of toothpaste on the market have added fluoride to protect our teeth. Therefore, if you keep brushing your teeth twice a day, it is not a problem.
  • Distilled water doesn’t taste fresh but taste flat. – This is true. Minerals in the water can make the water taste fresh, but distilled water doesn’t have any minerals. Therefore, it tastes a little flat at the first. Once you have got used to it, you will find it is good. Of course, if you don’t drink it directly but use it to cook tea or coffee, you will not notice the differences and there is no taste of chlorine presented in the normal water. A good way is to add some minerals or salts to improve its taste, or you also can add a piece of lemon to make it taste fresh.
  • VOCs cannot be removed by the distillation process. – This is true somewhat. If the boiling temperature of contaminants in the water is lower than the water’s. These contaminants cannot be removed by distillation. This means distillation cannot separate them. However, most home water distillers have a carbon filter to absorb them and this can lower the concentration of the VOCs in our distilled water. Therefore, this is not a big problem.
  • Distilled water is very expensive to make. – This is not true. Compared to buying bottled water, using a home distilled water to make distilled water at home is economical. Generally, each gallon of distilled water will only need $0.5 to pay for the electricity, while you need to pay more than $2 for one gallon of bottled water. And the maintenance cost is also very low. You only need to clean the distiller and change its carbon filter. And this will not cost you more.

Can you drink distilled water?

Of course, you can. You can drink it or use it to cook food. Although it tastes a bit flat at the first, you will get used to it and you also can add something (like minerals, salt, a piece of fruit, etc.) to make it taste fresh. Once you do that, you can drink distilled water in a much healthier way. And if you use distilled water to make a cup of coffee or tea, you will find coffee or tea taste good, because there are no other substances in the water to affect its original taste.

Distilled Water Vs Filtered Water

Filtered water means water has been filtered by a water filter. On the market, there are several ways used to filter water, such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, active carbon, etc. These methods can help to remove up to 99.99% of pollutants or contaminants in our water. If the contaminants in the water are less than 10PPM, we can call it purified water.

On the other hand, distilled water may only contain a very smaller of VOCs. The level can be about 1 PPM. However, this doesn’t mean distilled water is better than filtered water. The main difference is the mineral level. Obviously, distilled water almost doesn’t contain any minerals, while filtered water contains minerals. And on the market, there are some high-end water distillers which add minerals to the distilled water after distillation. Another difference is the amount of water you can get. Generally, you can use a distiller at home to make 1 gallon of distilled water in about 4 hours, while a typical reverse osmosis system can offer you more purified water, but a distiller is very simple to use and set up.

Distilled Water Vs Spring Water

Which is better between spring and distilled water? Obviously, this is a very heated debate topic online. Both have their reasons. Most people think spring water is superior to distilled water because of its natural feature and many minerals in it. However, every coin has two sides. Some studies have shown that many contaminants are found in spring water, like arsenic, phthalates and coliform. These contaminants are harmful to our health.

On the market, there are some brands sell fraud spring water. Actually, those so called spring water is distilled water, filtered water, or even tap water. Therefore, it is really hard to choose. If you choose a famous high-end brand, you need to pay more on each bottle of spring water.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to make distilled water yourself and you’d better not buy bottled spring water. You can use distilled water instead and you only need a water bottle to hold distilled water. It is really a good idea.

Distilled Water FAQs

1. Is it safe to drink distilled water?

Yes, it is safe to drink distilled water. If the water quality is poor, drinking distilled water is a good choice. The distillation process is able to remove many contaminants in our water, such as chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria, as well as other contaminants. Distilled water doesn’t contain these contaminants.

2. Can babies drink distilled water?

Yes, of course. Drinking distilled water can protect our babies, because distilled water is much safer than other types of water. And many experts highly recommend that babies under 1 year should drink distilled water. It is also highly recommended to use distilled water to mix Powdered formula.

3. Does distilled water contains Chlorine?

Well, 100% distilled water doesn’t contain anything except water. However, a home water distiller can remove up to 95% of the chlorine. And most distillers use a carbon filter to polish water again, so up to 99.9% of the chlorine will be effectively removed by a home water distiller.

4. How to use distilled water?

Well, we can use distilled water in many ways. We can drink distilled water, or cooking with distilled. For example, if you like drinking tea or coffee, you can use distilled water instead of tap water. And this can improve the favor of the tea or coffee. You also can use distilled water to make soup or for cooking other foods. As the purest water, it is also used in food processing, medical, perfumery and other industrial fields. For irons, distilled water is the ideal choice and this can prevent any limescale buildup, because there are no minerals in distilled water.

5. What’s the pH of distilled water?

Theoretically, pure distilled water has a pH of 7, not acidic or alkaline. However, common distilled water in our daily life has a pH of 5, a bit acidic. This is because distilled water is prone to absorb CO2 in the air and forms H2CO3, so it is a bit acidic. Well, this is not a problem. The pH in our stomach is about 1-2 and the fizzy drinks may have a pH of 2.6 – 2.8. They are more acidic. And carbonic acid is not stable. When it is heated, it will release CO2.


A home water is an essential appliance for people who need pure water to consume. And you can choose the best water distiller that we recommend above. Of course, diffent people have differnt choices, but they are the best ones in some aspects. There is no perfect items but there is the most suitable item.

Top 10 Best Water Distillers – Your ultimate Guide for Distilling Water at Home

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