An ideal water pitcher filter can filter out hard chemicals in the water. It is also convenient and easy to use. You should also ensure that the water pitcher is also BPA-free since it will be useless to filter your water if it is not BPS-free.

The top water pitcher filters in the market can deal with different types of chemicals coming from the faucet. It is very easy to replace the filter. The filter should also be accessible. This review will provide you with all the necessary information if you have no idea about how you can find the best water pitcher filter in the market.

You can make a better decision on the water pitcher filter that is suitable for your entire family.

Best Water Filter Pitchers Reviews

If you are looking for a water filter pitchener to access to clean water easily, we have made this list of top 10 best water filter pitchers for you to choose from. We only focus on their overall performance, ease of use, and the clean water they provide.

HoLife Alkaline Water Pitcher with 1 Carbon Filter Cartridge

Using this water pitcher filter will allow you to keep healthy when you drink water. It can prevent sediments and other types of chemicals from entering the drinking water at home. This water pitcher filter can easily allow you to know the difference in the taste of the water. It will remove toxic contaminants from the drinking water. This ensures you remain safe and healthy. Your water pitcher will give you alkalescent water. This type of water helps in removing toxins in your body.

Due to this, your body will easily remove harmful chemicals. This allows you to feel good after drinking the filtered water from your water pitcher. It is the best way of ensuring that no harmful chemicals enter your body through the drinking water.

This water pitcher also has BPA-free materials. It prevents harmful chemicals from being released to the drinking water. The water pitcher will leave no smell of plastic in the water. This is true even if the water stays inside the pitcher for a couple of days. Its filter also filters the water to ensure your liver, kidneys, and brain remains healthy. The water pitcher also allows you to control how the water flows.

This water pitcher also allows you to fill up 1 to 3 glasses of water within a minute. It also provides a notification telling you that it is already time to replace the filter. Replacing the filter is necessary every month. This knowledge allows you to ensure you have a replacement ready.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher went through rigorous testing to ensure it meets and exceeds all standards. This water filter pitcher has an EPA and ANSI certification. It also goes beyond the NSF standards set for contamination. In addition, it is one of the leading members of the WQA. To ensure its quality, this water filter pitcher was tested at Flint, MI. Its high-quality filters allow it to produce a good volume of water. It is not necessary to replace the filters as frequently as other products available in the market today.

This can outlast ZeroWater. This allows you to save money on your water filters. You will be impressed with the quality of the filters since you do not need to replace them as often. Its filters can take out more contaminants than its competitors in the market. This water filter pitcher has a five-stage filtering process. One of these stages reduces sediment through its two-micron pores. Its fluoride and lead filter protects everyone in the house. The filtering process ensures that no trace chemicals will be present in your supply of drinking water.

This water filter pitcher features a lifetime guarantee. It ensures you have everything covering in case something happens to your water filter pitcher. The company will replace it for free if it breaks. This is one way for the company to ensure you are always happy and hydrated. Its customer support also looks after the welfare of their customers.


  • Takes out fluoride – the water filter pitcher can take out up to 90 percent of fluoride found in the water. In the past, this feature was only available to devices that use the reverse osmosis system.
  • Filters that last long – the filter cartridges offered by the model feature a suitable filtering capacity. Every filter can be used for three months.


  • Slow filtering process – while this model has a set of effective filters, they have a slow filtering process. It is necessary to be patient while waiting for the pitcher to be filled.

Lack of reminders – the model does not feature a system to remind the user that it is time to replace the filters.

Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer

The Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer is ideal in filtering contaminants in the water and increasing the alkalinity of the water. Alkaline water offers a number of positive effects on the body. This makes the filter ideal in keeping you hydrated and healthy. The company also designed the pitcher well. It has a slim design with an ergonomic handle. This makes it easy to pour, move, and store.


  • Feature two filters – the water filter pitcher features two filter cartridges. Each of these cartridges can be used for three months. This means you can use the device for six months without having to replace the filters.
  • Filter Change Notification – the filter notifies you when it is necessary to replace it. This takes away the need to memorize the date when it was last changed.


  • Water spill – the lid of the water pitcher is flimsy. Due to this water will spill when it is filled to the brim. It is advisable to put the pitcher in the sink if you plan on leaving it to fill unattended. But, it appears the new model of the pitcher has worked on this problem of water spills.

DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

The DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher features the most complicated filter among all the water filter pitchers on this list. The filter cartridges use different technologies in taking out contaminants from the water. It also has different technologies in softening the water and treating the water with infrared energy.

This model also features a large-sized pitcher. Its pitcher has a total capacity of one gallon. Due to this, you will not have to refill the pitcher several times a day.


  • Sufficient Alkaline Water Converter – aside from removing contaminants from the water, this water filter pitcher can also increase the pH level of water to make it alkaline water, which is healthier.
  • Good at Re-Mineralizing – this water filter pitcher adds valuable minerals into the water to increase its nutritional value.


  • Filters are Easily Clogged – the filter cartridges are more easily clogged up compared to the filters of other brands. It is necessary to remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly when this happens.
  • Filters Does Not Last – the filter cartridges can only be used for a maximum of two months. While they do not last long, they can efficiently filter the water in your home

Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters

The Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters comes with two filter cartridges to make water filtration faster. It ensures that filtered water will always be available whenever you need it.

Aside from being fast in filtering water, the filter cartridges are quite efficient in removing contaminants in the water. They can take out up to 99.99 percent of contaminants typically found in water. This ensures you always have healthy and clean water.


  • Food Grade Materials – food grade materials are used for the components of the filter that are in contact with the water. Due to this, your drinking water will definitely be clean.
  • Fast-working Filter – The two filters of the device offer a good advantage for its users. The water pitcher will fill fast. In addition, you will get a good volume of filtered water in a short period of time.


  • Filters Clog Easily – the filters may be effective in taking out contaminants in the water, but they can also clog easily. It is better to use the filter for municipal water rather than well water. Filtering salty water should also be avoided since the salt may clog the filters.
  • Not Suitable for Hard Water – minerals used in hardening water have the tendency of clogging the filters.

Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher features a unique design. It is capable of filtering water and simultaneously making it alkaline water. One of the benefits offered by this model is it features two filter cartridges. Due to this, the model gives you filtered alkaline water for two to three months before having to replace the filter.

In addition, the water filter pitcher also offers a fast filtration rate. The model can filter 0.33 gallons or 1 liter of water within fifteen minutes.


  • Re-mineralized water – this water filter pitcher model can add minerals into the water. This increases the nutritional value of the water
  • Commercial-Grade Pitcher – the pitcher of the model uses thick ABS plastic. The plastic offers better durability compared to other pitchers currently available in the market. Due to this, it can last longer.


  • Hard-to-Change Filters – the filters of this model are not easy to change according to a number of customers. While it is not necessary to change the filters often, it can be irritating.
  • Different Filtering Rates – While the model can produce a good volume of fresh water at a fast rate when you are using new filters, the rate of filtering slows down after a period of time.

CamelBak Relay Pitcher

The CamelBak Relay Pitcher is ideal for people who do not like chlorinated water. It is a model that ensures chlorine is removed from the water.

The water filter pitcher also offers a very fast filtration rate. Its double filters can effectively remove contaminants in the water at a fast rate. But, it does not remove a good number of contaminants in the water.

This model can only take out large particles in the water. These particles include sand, dirt, and rust. In addition, it can also remove chlorine and bad taste and smell.


  • Long-lasting Filter – the filter of this model can be continuously used for four months. It means your maintenance cost will be lower due to its longevity.
  • Affordable Replacement Filters – the replacement filters of this model are affordable and easy to find. You can find an entire set priced at the same amount as one filter of a different brand.


  • Ineffective Filter – the filter cartridges are limited to removing large particles and chlorine from the water. It can also take out a bad taste and smell. This is a small number of contaminants you can find in the water.

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher

The BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher features the patented BWT magnesium technology. This innovative design reduces the presence of harmful chemicals in the water. It takes care of any heavy metals or scaling in the water. This water filter pitcher mineralizes the water using magnesium. Due to this, the water has a naturally-balanced flavor. The taste of the water offered by this water filter pitcher is among the best in the world.

The diet of Americans sorely lacks the magnesium. Adding this mineral through their drinking water supply allows you to consume this essential mineral. This water filter pitcher increases your magnesium intake through your drinking water. It also emits an aroma of tea and coffee.

You would want to drink water with the aroma and taste of coffee. It will not have any black bits normally associated with coffee in the water. This water filter pitcher does not require pre-soaking before you get your supply of drinking water. Water lasts longer due to its antimicrobial protection system. The water filter pitcher offers excellent performance throughout its entire lifespan.

This water filter pitcher received a number of awards recently. One of these awards was for its technological advances. This innovative water filter pitcher is a perfect addition to any household. It was awarded as the best product in Europe for 2013. This water filter pitcher can impress anyone with its achievements in recent years.

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

The Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is one of the best models available in the market. One advantage it offers is its very efficient filter cartridge. The filters are designed mainly to remove many contaminants from the water. It also provides a regular flow of water.

In addition, the water filter pitcher has a notification system where you would know when it is necessary to replace the filters. Its green light will turn to yellow then the filter cartridges are close to their maximum capacity. You will have to replace the filter cartridges when the signal turns red.


  • Ten-Cup Pitcher – its pitcher has a total capacity of ten cups of water. This is a feature that allows you to leave relax and not fill up the pitcher as often as other models available in the market
  • Suitable Filters – the filter cartridges of Brita use different technologies in producing clean and great-tasting drinking water.


  • Flimsy Lid – while the pitcher offers an ergonomic design, its lid appears to be poorly designed. There is a tendency for the lid to fall off each time the pitcher is used. This increases the risk of spilling or contaminating the filtered water inside.

LeDoux Waters Pitcher Filters

The large capacity of the LeDoux Waters Pitcher Filters makes it the perfect water pitcher for the entire family. This pitcher has a 4-stage filtering system. It has a capacity of 10 cups of water. The pitcher has an LCD timer that reminds you to replace the filters. It is important to change the filters after every 2 months.

This filter cartridge is universal, so it is compatible with Brita products, among other brands. The water filtration system takes out heavy metals and toxins found in the water. It can also keep water fresh by taking out the taste of chlorine in it. This water pitcher can provide fresh and clean water every day. It features different filtering stages, including taking sediments out, removing metals using ion exchange resin, taking chlorine taste out with coconut carbon, and final filtration through the micro-mesh.

This filter gives you peace of mind since you will not need to care about something getting through when water is poured into the pitcher. It come with a transparent lens on its pour spout. This makes refilling easier. After turning on the tap, position the pitcher under the faucet. Its lens  will close automatically once the reservoir is full. This ensures the water pitcher is not accidentally overfilled when you are refilling the water pitcher.

Odoga 4396508 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

The Odoga 4396508 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement provides everything offered by a watcher filter pitcher. It features a water filter, a protective case, and a pair of replacement filters. This water filter is also dishwasher-safe. In addition, it is BPA-free, so it can ensure you are safe from any chemicals and bacteria found in the water.  Plus, the bad taste of chlorine is reduced by its replacement filter. This makes the water fresh and crisp.

The water coming from the pitcher will have no strange smell. This shows that it is a glass of clean drinking water. Its water filter only needs to be changed after it filters around 60 gallons of water. This allows you to save some money while having a good supply of water. You should change its filter every 2 months if you do not use too much water in the house. This pitcher gives you a good supply of drinking water every day.

The water filter pitcher can quickly filter water and allow you to enjoy it right away. It is capable of filtering one gallon in around two minutes. This means you will have your drinking water in no time. It ensures you will have a good supply of drinking water during the day. The purified water from this filter makes you feel great after you drink it.

Best Water Filter Pitcher Buyer’s Guide

What are Water Filter Pitchers?

Water filter pitchers can offer you clean and safe water to drink instantly. They are a simple type of water filtration systems. They have a water filter and can remove chlorine and other common contaminants in the water. Of course, because they are so simple, they are only right for a small amount of water output. Generally, a pitcher has 2 water reservoirs – a small one and a big one. And it is simple to use a water filter pitcher. First, you need to pour the water into the small reservoir, and then the water will flows through the water filter to remove contaminants in the water. Finally, the filtered water is ready in the bigger reservoir. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best water filter pitcher, there are some factors that should be taken into account, including:

  • Filtering speed
  • Filtering abilities
  • The cost of replacement filters
  • Contaminants which are removed
  • The purchase cost

How Does A Water Filter Pitcher Work?

Water filter pitchers come with activated carbon filters or filter cartridges to stop contaminants from getting into the water. Water poured into the pitcher will pass through the filter. In the filter, contaminants are taken away. After this, the water is drained into the water container. Water passes through a bypass system when it is poured into a glass. The bypass system allows the water to go out of the pitcher without having to go through the filters,

What Are Carbon Filters?

Carbon filters are made out of coal, coconut shells, wood, petroleum pitch, or lignite. Activated carbon is made through any of the following ways:

  • Physical Activation via Carbonization – the source material becomes activated at temperatures ranging from 1112 to 1652 degrees F or 600 to 900 degrees C. This process takes place in an inert atmosphere, normally with argon or nitrogen present.
  • Physical Activation Through Oxidation – in this process, the source material or the carbonized material is put into contact with steam or oxygen. This normally takes place at temperatures ranging from 1112 to 2192 degrees F or 600 to 1200 degrees C.
  • Chemical Activation – while the manufacturer determines how this process takes place, it normally follows the same principle. It starts with letting chemicals seep into the source material before it is carbonized. These chemicals include salt, strong acids, or bases. Many manufacturers zinc chloride, calcium chloride, potassium hydroxide, and sodium hydroxide. The raw material is easier to activate when chemicals are allowed to seep into it. The carbonization temperature is normally between 450 and 900 degrees C. Due to this, many manufacturers prefer chemical activation than physical activation. In addition, the time for activation is shorter, which reduces costs.

How Carbon Filters Work

Activated charcoal carbon filters use adsorption to work. This natural phenomenon is the physical tendency of gas, liquid and dissolved atoms to stick to any given surface

Activated charcoal has an extremely porous surface. Its nooks and crannies offer a good amount of space where ions can enter. Once they enter, they become trapped. This high porosity allows one gram of activated carbon to have an adsorption surface of around 32,000 square feet.

Ions of the contaminants found in the water will stick to the carbon’s porous material as the water passes through the filter. Due to this, the water will be healthier and cleaner.

After some time, the carbon’s porous surface will be filled up with different types of particles. This makes the filter less efficient in catching new ions. Due to this, it is necessary to replace the filters regularly based on the instructions of the manufacturer.

Cartridge Water Filters

Some water pitcher filters have one feature that is not found in others, cartridge filters. But, what are cartridge filters?

Cartridge filters are advanced filters used by a number of companies to remove contaminants from the water. While cartridge filters also come with activated carbon filters, they also feature other technologies to ensure drinking water tastes better.

A number of these cartridges feature seven stages of filtering before the water is released into a container. These filtering stages include activated carbon, tourmaline, ion exchange resins, and mineral balls. There are a number of water ionizers available in the market for home use.

Ion exchange resins are simply small resin beads filled with sodium particles. Calcium and magnesium particles are attracted to the surface and stick to them when they pass through the resin bead. These beads contain sodium that is replaced with new particles. This traps calcium and magnesium ions. While sodium goes into the water, the amount is too small for you to know it is present in the water.

On the other hand, mineral balls increase the number of minerals in the water. Some minerals are removed when water passes through filters. A number of these minerals are good for the body. Due to this, water will have lesser nutrients and does not contribute to good health. Mineral balls deal with this issue by adding minerals into the water after it goes through the filter. This will increase the nutritional value of water. It also makes it healthier for everyone in the household.

Tourmaline is a mineral that carries small electric current. The current reverberates inside the far infrared spectrum or FIR together with the water. Water molecules will resonate within FIR frequencies due to this interaction. These are the same frequencies within the body, which increases metabolism after you consume water with tourmaline.

What are the Contaminants They Take Out?

While carbon filters are effective in taking out a number of contaminants from the water, there are some contaminants that remain in the water even after they pass through this filter.

Carbon filters can take out debris and chemicals by blocking or removing them chemically from the water unlike other types of filters. The following are some of the particles that can be taken out by a carbon filter.

  • Chlorine – this is normally used to disinfect municipal water, but it also changes the test of water. Chlorine is also associated with some diseases. Most of the chlorine found in water is trapped by an activated charcoal filter. This removes the taste of chlorine in the water.
  • Trihalomethane Compound – a trihalomethane compound is normally a byproduct of the treatment of water using chlorine. It is the product of the interaction between chlorine and organic matter in water. This compound has been linked to a number of sicknesses. Limitations were set by governments to ensure it has no adverse effects on the health and lives of their citizens. But, the best solution is to avoid this compound using a water filter specifically designed to remove it.
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals or VOCs are chemicals normally found in pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are normally used to treat soil. But, they have the tendency to seep into the water supply. Ingesting these chemicals will have some adverse effect on health, particularly among the elderly and the young ones.
  • Giardia – this is a protozoan parasite that can cause an infection called giardiasis. This sickness can last up to around six weeks. Some of its symptoms are diarrhea, weight loss, and abdominal pain. There are also some instances when people will note blood in their stool or feel like vomiting. They may also have a fever. This infection spreads through cysts. The cyst can survive up to around three months in cold water. Once the water supply has giardia, it is not easy to completely remove it.
  • Cryptosporidium – is a protozoan parasite that can be blocked using a carbon filter. This parasite causes cryptosporidiosis, a respiratory and gastrointestinal disease. The disease has a negative on the respiratory tract and distal small intestine. It causes an unexplained cough and watery diarrhea. The disease can be dangerous for people who have a compromised immune system. It can even be fatal for some people.

Cartridge filters can help in taking out other types of contaminants. In addition, it also uses other technologies for other functions.

Important Factors

If you are the first time to buy a water filter pitcher, you may not know what to look for. What features do you really need? On the market, there are plenty of water filter pitchers and sometimes, it is really difficult to find the right one. Don’t worry about it. We have listed some considerations you should take into account, when it comes to buying a new one.

What contaminants do you want a water filter pitcher to remove? First, you need to know what contaminants in your water. You’d better get your water tested and you will know wants in it. Of course, you can do it yourself with a water test kit or ask a professional to do it for you. Some basic models only remove or reduce chlorine and its odor. If you want to remove heavy metals, microbiological cysts, pharmaceutical traces, agricultural and more contaminants, you may need to purchase an advanced model. What’s worse, if the water is very dirty, a water filter pitcher cannot help and you really need to install a whole house water filter or a reverse osmosis system to do the job. In a word, knowing what contaminants in your water is the first step.

The pitcher design matters. Of course, the filtering abilities are the first consideration. After that, the design matters. Different people have different preferences. And the one you choose should have a design that fits your kitchen very well. For example, if you don’t have much countertop space or you only have a very small refrigerator, a compact water filter pitcher is a good choice. Some models come with a slim design and allow you to put it into the fridge. However, if you have a big family and consume much water every day, a model with a bigger capacity is a wise choice. Of course, for some people, the appearance may be the most important feature.

How much would you like to pay for a water filter pitcher? Compared to other water filtration systems, a water filter pitcher doesn’t cost you much. However, the prices also vary. The ones with basic features are cheaper, but advanced filters cost you much more. We highly recommend to buy an advanced one, because it can offer you a higher quality water by the price of a little extra money.

Why You Should Be Using A Water Filter Pitcher

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a water filter pitcher in your home. The most important reason is the purer, healthier water they produce. Another reason is that the water you drink is usually not as clean as you believe.

Tap water travels for miles through a usually old system of pipes before it reaches your faucet. Even though the water might be very clean as it leaves the municipal water treatment facility, traveling through the pipes might contaminate it. All sort of contaminants can be found in old pipes, and they include bacteria, heavy metals, fungi, microorganisms, and harmful chemicals.

A water filter pitcher is an inexpensive solution to this problem. All the water you put into the pitcher is treated in about 30 – 60 minutes, and most of the harmful contaminants are removed.

Health Benefits of Water Filter Pitchers

There are a lot of health benefits for drinking filtered water.

  • No Chlorine – Chlorine can be harmful to humans, and a lot of studies have linked chlorine consumption with different illnesses.
  • Less Lead – A large amount or even all of the lead present in your drinking water can be filtered. This will lower the risk of contracting a disease brought by lead ingestion.
  • No Plastic – Some of the plastic in the bottles used for storing water might be harmful to your health.

Pros & Cons of Water Filter Pitchers


  • Affordability – The most affordable solution to water purification
  • Portability – You can take one anywhere you like. It is great for camping, boating, travelling, etc.
  • Convenience – No installation is required. It is so easy to set it up.
  • Abilities to remove many contaminants
  • The filtered water can be stored in the refrigerator and ready for drinking.


  • Only provide a basic filtration level – Other filtration systems (reverse osmosis, countertop water filters, faucet water filters, whole house water filters and under sink water filters) can offer a better filtration level.
  • A slow water filtering speed – After you pour water in it, it will take about 10 minutes to filter water. This means you need to wait some time for the filtered water. Other water filtration systems can offer instant water.


How often to replace its filter?

Well, different models have different life span because of different filters they used. Generally, every 2 months or 40 gallons of water filtered, it is time to change a new one. It is highly recommended to replace the filters on a regular basis, because this can ensure you always have high quality water to consume. If you don’t know how often to change the filters, you’d better refer to its instructions manual. Some advanced models come with an indicator which can tell you when you need to replace its filters. Or, you need to guess. Of course, you can buy a water test kit and if you find an obvious dropdown on the water quality, you’d better change them as soon as possible.

How to store the replacement filters?

Generally, you can store the replacement filters indefinitely, if you keep them unpackaged in a dry place with a cool level of temperature. Of course, you’d better buy some and store them. Once you need to replace the filter in the pitcher, you can always find one nearby.

How to wash a water filter pitcher?

Most water filter pitchers only need very low maintenance. The only thing you need to do is to replace the filter on a regular basis. Of course, you need to wash its lid as well as the reservoir by hand. You can use a soft sponge with some detergent for easy cleaning and protection during the wash. If the pitcher is dish-washer safe, you can wash it in your dishwasher. Anyway, check its manual for more detailed information.

Where to buy a water filter pitcher?

Of course, you can buy one at a local retailer. However, it may only offer several models to choose from. And you may not know which one is better. Therefore, the best place to buy a water filter pitcher is Amazon. On Amazon, there are plenty of models to choose from. What’s import is that there are plenty of customer reviews. From these reviews, you can easily value their performance and make a final wise decision. Plus, the prices they offer are also attractive. Of course, we have made this list of the best water filter pitchers for you to choose from.


People living in areas where it is not easy to find clean and fresh water will appreciate water filter pitchers. You will have a number of reasons why you should get one for your home. But, it is challenging to find the most suitable one to buy.

If you have no idea which model works best, the BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher would be your best bet. This best water filter pitcher received numerous awards in recent years. Due to this, it is among the most prominent model in the market. It incorporates magnesium into the water through its filter. This deals with the lack of magnesium in our diets. It also makes you feel better each time you drink the water from this water filter pitcher.

Top 10 Best Water Filter Pitchers Reviews – Easily Acess to Clean Water

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