best water testing kitWater is not always pure as it seems. On the contrary, it is at risk of being polluted with many contaminants. Whether you use water for drinking, cooking, laundry, bathing or swimming, these contaminants are harmful for our health or property. Therefore, water quality is really a big issue for most people. This is because you cannot see what contaminants in our water visually. You may think you can get a water filtration to filter out them. However, the first thing you need to know what types of contaminants in your water and then you can determine which type of water filtration systems to deal with them. Therefore, a water testing kit is a must-have tool at home.

Best Water Testing Kit

On the market, there are plenty of water testing kits and we have made this list of the top 10 best water testing kits for you to choose from. Our home water testing kit reviews can give you some information and help you find the best one, based on your need.

PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit – 11 Contaminants

If you are looking for an easy way to test the quality of your water, you can rely on this PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit – 11 Contaminants.

This water test kit can help you test many contents. It includes one strip each for testing lead, pesticides and bacteria. And it includes 2 testing strips for pH, iron, alkalinity, hardness, copper, chlorine, nitrate and nitrite. This means it offers additional water test strip, which can be useful and convenient to test different water sources, or just for another follow-up water quality testing.

Of course, with this water testing kit, you can test the quality of your water at home. This is very convenient and you don’t need to mail the water sample to a laboratory to get results. You can get the testing results very quickly without waiting for a long time. There is no mailing fee too.

One thing you need to pay attention to is that this testing kit only provide with a range not specific values. And this is not strange, because most at-home water testing kits do the same. Therefore, you only know a range and it can tell you whether the quality is good or bad or it offers you an indication that you may need to test the water quality in a lab if the water quality is so poor. For most of use, such an easy-to-use water testing kit is enough.

Watersafe WS425W Well Water Test Kit

If you need to test the quality of your well water, you may need a specific water testing kit for well water. And testing the quality of the well water you rely on for your livestock or family is meaningful, because it is hard to say well water is cleaner than tap water. This water testing kit is especially designed for testing well water.

As an at-home water testing kit, it can offer you detailed information on 10 different types of contaminants. It is qualified to test iron, copper, lead, nitrites, nitrates, bacteria and toxins from pesticides or fertilizers.

This testing kit performs well. It is easy to read its strips for each contaminant tested. Of course, it only provides with ranges, so you don’t know the specific amount of contaminants in the water, which means the results are not as specific as laboratory results. However, in most situations, we only need to know whether a contaminant has a safe amount in our water. That’s all. And people who have compared their results to laboratory results have found that the results is same as lab’s findings. This means it is reliable to use. And you have enough reasons to know whether your well water is safe or not to provide your family and livestock with water. Just use this testing kit to uncover the results.

10-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit by Baldwin Meadows

If you need to monitor the quality of your water on a regular basis, you need a multi-use water testing kit like this one. It is a 10-in-1 water testing kit.

This testing kit is very popular due to its affordability and accurate and instant results it offers. This best water testing kit offers 100 testing strips to provide results for 9 different types of pollutants in our water. These results include the total pH, alkalinity, hardness, copper, chlorine, iron, lead, nitrite and nitrate

However, there is no a bacteria testing strip, so you need to test bacterial separately. Customers love this testing kit because it is so easy and convenient to use. What’s more, the results it provides with are almost same as in a lab. For a water testing kit, it is able to offer you sufficient information on the quality of your water.

Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test

If you have a pool, you also need to monitor the water quality and this one is specially designed for pools.

This one is really a reasonably-priced pool water testing kit. It has a convenient case. Many home pool keeps or even professional pool cleaners use it and spoke highly of its performance. You can use it to test bromine, chlorine, acid demand, pH, as well as total alkalinity. As a solution based water testing kit, it has 5 different indicator solutions. And it is also very easy to read results thanks to its integrated color charts.

Customers think this solution-based testing kit is more accurate than other pool water testing kits using test strips. Most people think it is so easy to use and read its results. Therefore, it is really a very good tool for you to know the quality of your pool before making a splash in your pool.

AFWFilters TST-BACT PurTest Bacteria Water Test Kit

If you only need a water testing kit to test bacteria, you don’t need to buy a multi-use testing and you can choose this one to get a clear answer with ease.

This bacteria water testing kit can help you know the absence or presence of E.Coli and coliform bacteria. Plus, it also comes with other 2 bonus test strips which can test nitrites and nitrates.

Similar to other water testing kits that use test strips, it doesn’t provide you with detailed information, like the type or amounts of bacteria present. Some people may feel disappointed, but most at-home testing kits do the same. Therefore, you can use it to ensure your water safe or you can use it as a screening method to decide whether an expensive method is needed in the future.

First Alert WT1 Drinking Water

If you only need a basic water testing kit, you can choose this one: the First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit. It can offers you basic information on the quality of your water. Of course, this one is a budget-priced water testing kit.

You can use this one to get information on the presence of pesticides, lead, bacteria, nitrates and nitrites, as well as chlorine. Of course, it only can test a limited number of contaminants. If the quality of your water in your area is relatively good, this one can help occasionally monitor your water. Of course, it is very easy to use.

Bang-for-the-Buck’ Essential Indicators Water Test

You can use this water testing kit to detect more than 170 contaminants. It is more professional than other models. And it uses its special EPA Methodology. The manufacturer is also very famous and has a long history in water testing. This water testing kit can detect VOCs, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals and other contaminants, which can help you know whether your water is free of contaminants or not. And this water testing kit is very to use. The only thing you need to do is to fill some bottles with your source water and sent these bottles to the lab. Generally, you can get the results within 6 business days. If you want accurate results, you can choose this kit. Of course, you will not get instant results but the tab team will give you more professional results.

Drinking Water Test Kit

This water testing kit is a 10-in-1 kit and can detect many types of contaminants. You can use it to test your water for contaminants, including alkalinity, bacteria, chlorine, copper, hardness, iron, lead, nitrites and nitrates, pesticide and pH. If you don’t trust the quality of your water, you can use this to find the truth. Anyway, ingesting these contaminants is not a good idea, because they are harmful to our health. This is an at-home testing kit, so you don’t need to mail the sample to a lab and this also means you can get instant results. And this water testing kit is made in the USA and it is easy to use. Its instruction manual can help you use it with ease.

Cakie Digital pH Meter

Sometimes you need to test the pH of your pool, spa, tap water and other water source, you can rely on this digital pH meter. It is very affordable and very convenient to use. And you can always get instant results which are also accurate. Thanks to its auto-temperature compensation feature, this meter can adjust very quickly according to the water temperature and quality. Of course, this pH meter only can be used to test the pH of your water. It is just a single-function tool. Well, if you need to frequently test the pH of your water, it is really a good way to do that and you can always get accurate results with ease.

Hach 2745250 Total Hardness Test Strips

Sometimes, it is really hard to trust cheap products, because most people think cheap products tend to be of poor quality. However, this best water testing kit is an exception. It is affordable but it also performs well. If you want to test the hardness of your water, it is the right choice. If your water is very hard, it will be a big problem. This is because the scale will increase. Therefore, you need to get rid of scale as soon as possible. And you need to soften your water. Before investing in a whole house water softener, you need to know how hard your water is and this product can help you easily know the facts. If you need to test the hardness of your water, you can rely on this.

Home Water Testing Kit Buying Guides

Why you need an at-home water testing kit?

Water quality is so important to us, so we have enough reasons to have an at-home water testing kit.

  • Monitor the water quality – We drink water and use water to cook every day, so we need to monitor water quality on a regular basis. And this can ensure that our water is safe to consume. Therefore, it is highly recommended to monitor the water quality on a regular basis. If any obvious dropping down on the quality, we need to do something, like installing a reverse osmosis system, change the water filters, or check the water pipes.
  • Help to determine which type of water filtration system to install – If you plan to install a water filtration system, the first thing you need to know which types of contaminants are in your water. And this can determine the specific water filtration type. Different types of water filters have different abilities to filter out contaminants. For example, water filter pitchers can only filter out a small range of contaminants. Therefore, they can only be used when the source water is relatively good but you want to improve the water taste and smell. On the other hand, a reverse osmosis can remove a wide range of contaminants, but you need to pay much money for it.

What to Look for in a Water Testing Kit

  • What type of water do you want to test? – First, you need to know where you plan to buy a water testing kit to use. Do you use it to test well water, tap water, pool water or other public water supply? Some water testing kits have their limitations, or they are good at testing some types of water. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this, when you decide to buy a new water testing kit.
  • What is the testing procedure? – Another thing you need to consider is the testing procedure that a water testing kit has. Of course, at-home water testing kits can give the results very quickly, but they may only give you results with a range. Therefore, you need to know specific results, you can buy a water testing kit which you can send a test lab to get detailed results. However, you may need to wait several days to get the results.
  • What Contaminants do you want to detect? – Not all the water testing kits detect the same contaminants. Actually, they perform differently. Some models can detect many common contaminants, including chlorine, copper, iron, lead and so on, while some can only detect 2 or 3 types of contaminants. Of course, the more contaminants a water testing kit can detect, more expensive it is. If you have known what types of contaminants to test for, you can buy one that is especially designed to test for these contaminants, or you may need to purchase a broader water testing kit to figure out what contaminants are in your water.


In a word, water quality is so important and we need to monitor it on a regular basis. Therefore, a water testing kit is an essential item we should have. If you need to detect contaminants in the water, you can buy a multi-functional water testing kit which can help you detect a wide range of contaminants. And if you only need to detect one or two types of contaminants or status, you can choose a single-functional products. For example, if you need to test the pH, a digital pH meter is enough. If you need to test the hardness of your water, you can choose one that specializes in testing the hardness.

Top 10 Best Water Testing Kits Reviews – Keep an Eye on Your Water

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