Water Cooler Dispenser or Water Dispenser Buying GuideA water cooler dispenser or water dispenser is not only an office icon but also a must-have home appliance. It makes us drink water conveniently. Therefore, we can drink enough water every day. Once we feel thirsty, we can easily dispense cold or hot water from such a water cooler dispenser. We can use it all the year. In a word, if you don’t have a water cooler or dispenser, it is highly recommended to have one.

Of course, you may feel confused and will ask where the differences between a water cooler and a water dispenser are. They are different and have some must-have features. Therefore, before making a buying decision, you need to know the differences between them.

Differences between Water Coolers and Water Dispensers

First, they are all dispensers, but water dispensers are not water coolers. Actually, they are two different types of dispensers. Water dispensers usually are non-electric dispensers and they don’t cool the water, while water coolers use electricity to cool the water and then dispense the water. Therefore, we also called water coolers as water cooler dispensers. And water coolers also provide hot water, so if you need hot water to make a cup of tea or coffee, a water cooler is a perfect partner for you. And you don’t need to wait and get hot water instantly.

Both of them accommodate 2, 4, or 5-gallon standard water bottles. You can buy already filled water that may be distilled water, purified water or treated water. If you have a water filter (like a reverse osmosis system), you can have the bottled filled with filtered water yourself.

Benefits of a Water Cooler Dispenser

We use a water cooler, because we need to drink water every day and a water cooler can make it easy to drink. Some people buy treated water to dispense for better tasting, because our tap water may be heavily chlorinated. And other some people would like to dinking cold water in summer, so such a water cooler can do the job easily. This is great especially in summer.

No matter what reasons are, we like to dispense cold or hot water from such a water cooler dispenser. Our kids also like to get their own drink. Therefore, a water cooler is a must-have item for our home. Even a water dispenser can allow us to dispenser room-temperature water at any time.

Types to Choose: Countertop or Freestanding Units

Both water coolers and dispensers mainly have two types: countertop models and freestanding models. Countertop units are shorter and less expensive than freestanding units. If you want to buy one, first you need to decide which type to buy. Of course, you also need to consider where you plan to place such a water cooler, in your family room, patio, garden shed or in your room. And an electrical outlet is available near the location you choose. You must place it on a solid platform to make it stable all the time. You can place a countertop water cooler on a table or a counter, but it should not be placed too high, or dispensing water or changing the water bottle will be difficult. And it is not recommended to place it on a rug, because the occasional spill will drop on the rug, making it difficult to clean. When it comes to the cooling efficiency, a freestanding water cooler is more powerful thanks to a bigger compressor used. That’s why freestanding units are more expensive.

Drinking Water Temperature

The dispensed water temperature varies between different brands and models. And there is no standard. Cold water temperature is mainly determined by the type or size of the compressor. Other factors may influence the cooling effect too.

Commonly, a water cooler dispenser has a storage area at its bottom to store cold water and heat water. A countertop model has a smaller storage and because of its small size of compressor, it tends to dispense water which is not as chilly as other freestanding models.

Essential and Best Features

A water dispense tends to have one faucet that allows you to dispense water, while a water cooler tends to have two faucet: one for hot water and one for cold water. If you want to make a cup of tea or coffee, you just need to dispense hot water from the hot water faucet. This is very quick and convenient. Of course, most models allow you to turn cold/hot water off, if you don’t use. For example, in hot summer, you will be more likely to drink cold water, and then you can turn its hot water off to save some energy.

The water reservoir of a water cooler or dispenser should be stainless steel which can prevent plastic water taste. Fortunately, most models come with a stainless steel reservoir. And hot water faucets should be safe to children. Therefore, a safety child lock should be included. If you want to refill your water bottles, travel mugs, or tall glasses often, the space between the faucet and the drip tray should be adequate and the nozzle should be small enough to fit in the mouth of your water bottles, glasses and travel mugs.

Famous Brands

On the market, there are many different models from different brands. Some tend to be good, while some tend to be poor. And we have made a list of the top 5 best brands you can trust:

With/Without Filtration

If you don’t want to buy filled with bottled water and you don’t have a water filtration in your home, a water cooler or dispenser with a water filtration system should be a good choice. Such a built-in water filtration system is in its water bottle. When you fill the water bottle with water and place it on the water cooler or dispenser, the water will pass through the filter because of gravity and then be filtered and then be stored in the water reservoir for dispensing. Of course, you need to change its water filter on a regular basis.

Water Bottle Capacity

Most water cooler dispensers and water dispensers use standard-sized water bottles. You can choose a 2, 4 or 5-gallon bottle. However, you need to confirm this when buying a new one. Of course, you can manually refill a plastic bottle with purified water, but you need to disinfect it and rinse it before refilling.

If you choose to buy pre-filled bottled water, make sure it is available in your area. And if your family is smaller, don’t choose a larger-sized bottle. A small one also means easy carrying and loading. What’s the most important is that water is not recommended to stay in the bottle for a very long time.

Water Cooler Dispenser or Water Dispenser Buying Guide – Tips You Need to Know

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