If you are looking for a high-end water distiller, you can try this Waterwise 9000. This best water distiller can offer you clean distilled water to drink, cook and use. Unlike Waterwise 8800, the Waterwise 9000 has a very special design. It has a compact design and uses a blue jug to collect distilled water. And there is a push button on the jug. Therefore, you can use it to directly dispense water liking using a water cooler dispenser. This design is very useful, which can reduce the chance of contacting air. This can make the distilled water keep fresh. It has modern design and can fit in any kitchen. Because of its compact and all-in-one design, it can keep your counter tidy.

Main Features:

1 gallon of distilled water in 4.5 hours

This countertop water distiller can make 1 gallon of distilled water in about 4.5 hours. This means if you keep it running all the time for a whole day, it can offer you up to 5 gallons of distilled water. In most situation, 1 gallon of distilled water is enough for a small family of four to drink. Of course, you can use distilled water to cook. And you can use it to make more distilled water.

A push button on the collection jug

The collection jug can be used as a water dispenser, because there is a push button on it. Just push it, it can dispense water. This design makes it easily dispense water, making it convenient use. And this design also can keep the distilled water fresh, because it can effectively prevent air from contacting the water. Of course, you can store it into the refrigerator too.

Energy-efficient design

In order to save energy, it uses a special cooling fan. When the distiller starts to work, the cooling fan doesn’t run right now. This is because at the first water in the chamber is heated and water hasn’t been heated to boil. This means at the first, the cooling fan is useless. This delay function makes it more energy-efficient.

Automatic shutting off

Similar to other water distillers, when a cycle is finished, it will automatically shut off. This design is useful and safe. When you start it, you don’t need to wait and you can leave. When the boiling chamber is empty, it will shut off automatically. And this can also avoid overheating. Even if sometimes you start it mistakenly, it will not cause any problem, making it safe to use.

Abilities to Remove Contaminants

Distillation is one of the most methods used to purify water. Compared to other types of purification methods, it removes water from contaminants by changing liquid water into stream. Therefore, most contaminants are left in the boiling chamber and steam is condensed and forms liquid water and is stored in the collection container. If you pursue high quality water, you really need this distiller to offer you distilled water.

Removes VOCs

Distillation cannot remove all the chemicals. VOCs are together with the steam. If they are not handled, they will be in the distilled water. In order to remove VOCs, this distiller has a post filter cup to allow you place a carbon filter. The carbon filter can be used to get rid of these VOCs.

Easy to use

This distiller doesn’t need any installation. You only need to fill its boiling chamber with water and place the boiling chamber and the jug in place. After that, press the start button. That’s all. It will make distilled water for you. It is so easy to use.

Compact Design

Its design is very compact and has a slim design. When you put it on the counter, it seems it doesn’t take up much space. And the all-in-on design also makes your counter seem very tidy.

Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one design
  • Removes VOCs
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Compact and slim design


  • A bit expensive
  • The jug is plastic


As a high-end countertop water distiller, it is a little expensive. However, considering its design and function, it deserves to have a try. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough budget for a home distiller, you can check our full list of the best water distillers. Some of them are of high quality and affordable. For example, you can consider this most popular water distiller: If you want to learn more about this Waterwise 9000, you can visit the link below:

Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller Review – An all-in-on Distiller

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