A water filter is used to purify our tap water. It can remove many contaminants in our water, including chlorine odor, taste, cadmium, copper, mercury, zinc, etc. On the market, there are many types of water filters, like reverse osmosis systems, activated carbon filters, water ionizers, infrared filters and UV filters. Water filter pitchers are very common and they are very affordable. Actually, they are carbon filters, because they use activated carbon to absorb contaminants in the water. However, they are basic water filters, and to make them effective, we need to replace the filter and cartridge frequently.

When to Change

It is hard to say a very specific time when to change a water filter pitcher. Actually, this depends on many factors. The lifespan of a water filter is generally measured in gallons of water. However, this is just a guideline based on the average water quality. Therefore, the duration is different in different situations. Many factors can influence the lifespan of a water filter, including:

  • The amount of contaminants in your water
  • The hardness of your waterHard water causes the scale to build up and finally clog your water filter, which can shorten the life of your filter.
  • The amount of filtered you consume ever day – Of course, the more water you use, the more frequent water filter replacement it requires.
  • How well the water was previously treated, purified or filtered – If you have used a whole house water filter or a water softener to purify water, this means the water quality has been improved. And this also means the water filter can last longer.
  • Anyone, once you find your activated water filter is clogged or cannot absorb contaminants and particles, it is time to replace a new one. This is because it is ineffective and useless. If you don’t change a new one, the water quality will not be improved any more.

How to know when to change a new filter?

When it is time to change a filter, you need to do it immediately. Well, how to know when to change it? Actually, there are several signs can tell you the truth about your water filter:

  • Unpleasant odor or taste found in the filtered water – This probably means the filter cannot filter out bad taste and odor
  • The water pressure is decreased gradually – This means the water filter becomes clogged gradually, so it becomes ineffective gradually.
  • A built-in indicator tells you to change a new one. Some filters may have an indicator to monitor the water quality. If the water quality is low, it will tell you need to change a new one.
  • Use a water test kit – You also can use a water test kit to test the water quality. If you find the quality is decreasing, you may need to change a new one.
  • Don’t exceed the water usage guidelines from the manufacturer.

Why you need to change a water filter?

If the water filter is wore out and cannot work effectively any more, this means the water quality is becoming a problem for use. In this situation, replacing a new water filter is essential to ensure we have clean water to drink and cook. Therefore, it is important to replace a filter once it is ineffective.

And a good advice is that we always need to have a backup water filter on hand. Once we need to change, we can easily access a new one. Or, we need to wait before we buy a new one online or at local store. And you can buy more than one new filter for backup. Once you don’t have a new one, it is time to order a new one. It is easy to find the suitable water filter online, like on Amazon.

Water Filter Buying Guides

It is hard to say tap water is of high quality and we need clean, safe and good tasting water to drink. Therefore, we need to rely on a water filter. However, it is a long way to find the best water filters. There are many models for faucets, carafes, sinks and countertops. Different models have different prices. The cost can vary from $20 to $3,000. Therefore, the first thing you need to confirm is to choose the type.

Water filter buying guides can help you quickly know the differences among different types. And you also need to consider convenience, installation, abilities to filter water, cost of the machine and the replacement filters and customer reviews. Sometimes, you may not know the current water quality of your tap water, and you can ask your local or state department for help. Of course, you can buy a water test kit to test the water quality yourself. How many contaminants in your water also a key factor when it comes to buy a water filter. At last, you also need to consider how much water you need for your whole family.

When to Change a Water Filter

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